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Welcome to Got Core Values℠!

Hello, and welcome to Got Core Values℠! We believe in education, though we’re concerned that somewhere along the road, the only valuable signpost of educational success became a standardized test score. We’re here to revitalize that.

We embrace the intuitive notion that our children and their education are the most profoundly important investment we make. We embrace the fact that children don’t come standard, and that education extends far beyond lectures and timed tests. We embrace what may seem obvious, but is so lacking in so many educational institutions: culture, and its impact on the lives of those immersed in it.

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We help schools build cultures as distinctly unique as their demographic make-up, and we do it by facilitating the establishment of culture from within. Studies show that highly successful academic schools have healthy, thriving, and happy school culture; studies done in the same vein also show that mere organizational reform in schools is bound to fail without complementary cultural reform. Without cultural progress, academic success stagnates, as does social progress as a whole, so why not start the building of culture in school?

This is what we’re all about. We’re about building unique cultures of character that ultimately lead to academic success, and we do it by simultaneously building and empowering the whole community, realizing that school communities and cultures both end far beyond classroom walls and schoolyard fences.

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Here, you’ll consistently find fresh takes on how to consciously create culture with intention and purpose. You’ll find educational resources and video info. You’ll find case studies of schools that deliberately transformed their cultures to promote academic success. You’ll find explanations of the theories that back up our hypothesis, and you’ll find updates on the schools that are using our programs RIGHT NOW!

You’ll find all of this backed up by data that provides insight into our point of culture trumping test scores- and ultimately leading to better ones.

So, again: welcome to Got Core Values℠! We’d love it if you joined us in living culture- on purpose!

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