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Sandi with students

We believe that our schools need to be a hub for positivity; where you feel safe, and free to be yourself.

But we realize it’s not easy being a student these days. Studies reveal that 80% of you have experienced cyber-bullying and 70% are uninterested in school. We get it. Most school systems tend to be full of rules of what not to do, but don’t tell you how to be the best that you can be.

We’re here to change that.

At Got Core Values℠, we’re changing how you view school. So many school cultures leave so much to be desired. What would your perfect school look like, feel like, smell like and inspire you to feel like?

We know you’re a rock star. We know you’re a brilliant, amazing person with passion and enthusiasm and love for whatever it is that sparks you. We know you just need the right support and circumstances to step into your potential. We also know that without support, your passion and enthusiasm can fade quickly, and we know it’s hard for schools to be supportive of different brands of brilliance when so many school curriculums standardize accomplishment.

Students learning

So what exactly do we do? We’re cultural facilitators. In other words, we gather parents, principals, administrators, teachers, support staff, members of the community, and, most importantly, students like you together, and ask you all to identify and write down your core values.

What matters most to you? Fun? Accomplishing goals? Friends and community? Learning in a truly engaging way? Write them all down, and the staff, your family, and community members will do the same.

Together, we help you and your community agree on defined, cultural values for your school based on what matters to every member of your school community. Once everyone agrees on the common language that is defined within your school’s unique core values, then the fun begins!

Once everyone – from the principal to your math teacher to your friend in 3rd period (that we saw you passing a note to last Thursday) to the owner of the local coffee shop where your study group meets before tests – agrees, “This is how we do things!” then those values become integrated into every facet of school life. From pep rallies to study halls, classroom policies to battle of the bands, to how you feel when you walk on campus, these values will form a culture that supports you. And we know it supports you, because you, your peers, and your family had lots of input from the get-go! You’ll feel more connected to your peers, your teachers, your school, and your community.

Now that everyone is on the same page with how you want your unique culture to be, we can really start coloring outside the lines. Think big. Not just about that spelling test, that history quiz or that lab report. Think bigger than just school. Think about how what you learn can help you with what you’re truly passionate about. Discover your strengths, and unleash them; listen to your intuition, follow your heart, and do what you know is right for you. School is now your runway, and you’re a plane about to take off. With everyone supporting you, you’ll be amazed how high and far you can fly.

High school students

Imagine it. You and all your peers passionately pursuing their hobbies and curiosities, and all the staff and members of the community supporting you- students today are leaders tomorrow. You’re the best investment in the future we make. By developing a school culture that gets you excited about education, you become enthusiastic about living and embodying that culture, and that kind of passion is really contagious.

We don’t want you to wake up and think, “I have to got to school today.” We want you to wake up and think, “I get to go to school today,” because its your school, and your school is the best! So that’s what we do, really. We make school about you; we make school an exploration of passion; we make school a truly supportive community that you want to be apart of- and we do it by helping to create an environment in which you can truly express yourself and thrive.

Are you a student or do you know a student that would be interested in developing core values at school? Contact us here!