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Family JumpingLet’s be honest: you’d do just about anything for your child. You never knew how intense a love for another life could be until you had one, and before that, you didn’t know love that intense was even possible. You want nothing but the very best for them; you give your all and do your very best so that they grow into the bright, beautiful people you know they can be. You make your decisions for your child based on your core values, the things you know intuitively to be right and true. Your family’s core values create the backbone, consistency, and culture for every family member to thrive in every aspect of life.

You love your child, and you care about them more than words can convey. You also know how profoundly important family values are in their formation as people: they establish behaviors, what children know to be right and wrong, how they feel, and how they interact with the world.

School is different now – studies show that up to 80% of students have experienced cyber-bullying, and 70% are uninterested in school. Stressed teachers teach mandated curriculums dictated by standardized testing, as if a child could come “standard.” Imagine if your child woke up thinking, “I get to go to school today!” At Got Core Values℠, we’re bringing that imagination to life.

We survey teachers, students, administrators, support staff, community members, and students’ families regarding their core values. Then, we facilitate the wordsmithing process to distill the responses into core values that all members of the community agree upon. Then, it’s just a matter of living those values: because everyone agrees, “This is how we do things here,” accountability establishes itself from within, and students strive towards greatness.

Sandi with Family

Children discovering their strengths, confidently growing into their own potential; empowered, passionate teachers nurturing and fostering that potential, guiding it towards possibility beyond school yard fences; children, in turn, discovering the value of community, and wanting to contribute to it. Just imagine it. They would make these discoveries inside and outside the classroom, as the communally created culture permeates the various facets of school life. And we can help your child’s school build this culture.

We can help your family define your unique core values as well. As a result, your children will be more engaged at school and happier with their learning environment. This process will enable them to listen to their inner voice, find their true passions, and gain confidence to make good choices throughout their lives, creating lives that they’re proud to be living – and lives that you’ll be proud of, too.

We would love you to join with us in the positive culture movement and encourage your school to define their core values. We also are developing resources for families and will be sharing those soon.

Define Your Family Core Values

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Get Your School Involved

To take action, share the below infographic with your school leaders.

Or, share your school’s contact information by emailing us at hello@gotcorevalues.com and we’ll reach out to them to start the culture conversation.

1. Learn

Why core values matter, identify what each of your individual values are and the positive impact they can have on your family

2. Communicate & Define

Every member of your family will communicate their individual core values and we will collaborate and define them into your family’s core values. This is truly a fun and inspirational beginning to integrating core values into your family.

Family Infographic

3. Embrace

We’ll get you to the point where everyone agrees with pride: “This is my family!” and we will teach you how to infuse your values into every detail of your family life.

4. Identify Your Family’s Greater Purpose

Inspiring you as a family unit to think bigger, beyond your daily life so that you amplify your strengths, trust your inner voices and give back to your community.

5. Live Your Family Life On Purpose

Consistently: Listening, Learning & Improving. We will define the behaviors that make your family core values actionable and committable for the long run! We’re here to teach you how to refine and improve your family’s culture through all the ups and downs that naturally occur in every family and succeed in creating the type of family life where children and parents wake up each day happy to be a part of your unique family unit!

To learn more about how we can help your family or a family you know in developing core values, Contact us here!