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A Day Inside Got Core Values

Hi, my name is Hunter and my mom founded Got Core Values. What I think Got Core Values is about is a company that has a goal to empower kids to be happy to go to school every day.  I spent Take Your Child to Work Day with the Got Core Values Team and wanted to share with you my Top 10 List of fun things about my day!

Hunter - Teachers Listen10.  Got Core Values was started with a purpose!

9.    Having a tasty lunch!

8.    Learning new things like how fun it is to run a business!

7.    My favorite GCV core value is optimistic open mind and heart!

6.    The acronym for the core values of the GCV Team is GCV CORE!

5.    The GCV parent company, Hunter Group LLC, is named after me!

4.    The company makes kids feel happy about themselves!

3.    I get to write this blog and have it published to the GCV website!

2.    I got a day off school! :]

(Which is the opposite of what my mom is trying to achieve…oops…LOL)

1.    Meeting Vital Germaine!

We had lunch with a man named Vital so he and my mom could find ways to work together.  Vital is a retired Cirque du Soleil performer, a team builder, a motivational speaker that works with kids and an author. In my conversation with Vital, he asked me about what I would change in school. My answer was “I wish that teachers were more intrigued by their students.” Then he asked me what I meant. I said “what I mean is that I wish instead of always sticking to the lesson plan, teachers would take in what the students want and how they view it and how they see school.” Then Vital said something I will never forget, he said and I quote “Your potential is only limited by YOU.”

Overall today I had fun hanging out with the team of an amazing company!

Hunter Borba ~12 years old

Vital, Sandi, Hunter & Lilia - Lunch (v2)

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