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Our Core Values

  • Gratitude is the core of true happiness

We believe that true happiness lies in having gratitude for all things: for the things we have, for all of the people who impact our lives every day, for the experiences we create, for our passions, and for the inspiration to make our dreams come true. When we express gratitude for even the smallest of details, we enrich our own lives, and inspire others to enrich their lives as well.

  • Create meaningful change in the world, more than you ever dreamed possible

We believe that we can change the world, and that we can start by simply smiling at a stranger. When we go about our days, we spend every moment deliberately doing our best to make the world better through our actions, our choices, and our interactions with others. By always striving to be our best selves, we do the work, we trust our intuitions, and we see a bright future full of dreams coming true.

  • Vivid attention to environment & experience-enriching details

We believe in paying attention to each and every detail to intentionally create our environment and our experiences. When we pay close attention to not only what we taste, touch, hear, see, and smell, but how we make ourselves & others feel.  We create our environment on purpose- we create the right environment to live our culture.

  • Collaborate to ignite & empower a passionate community

We believe community is the birthplace of collaboration, and that collaboration and connection with those around us strengthens community. When we recognize that these things go hand in hand, we create beautiful change in the hearts and minds of all community members, inspiring support and passion throughout.

  • Optimistic, open mind & heart

We believe in the power of potential, and by being open and optimistic, we find potential everywhere. By being open in our minds and hearts, we see opportunities instead of obstacles, and we find lessons in hardship. We open ourselves to improvement through reflection, and recognize that everyone has a childhood, a story- and it’s a story worth hearing, from which we may learn and grow.

  • Respectfully trust the process of life

We believe life is a never-ending process of growth and change. We believe in things happening for a reason, and we trust our intuitions knowing that things will always work out they way they will. We’re always excited about the learning process while acknowledging that life can be difficult at times, but always so full of beauty, and ripe with positive opportunity.

  • Empower & Inspire others to be true to the unique, amazing people they are

We believe that empowering others to live true to their inner voice creates a world of happier people who continue the cycle of inspiration. We live to inspire others to find their inner genius and live their lives with passion and purpose.