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Community Partners

Community Joining Hands

By merely being near a school, you are a part of the school community. Students gather at and patronize your establishment. They study, go on first dates, and spend their Friday nights laughing away with friends at your place of business. You interact with their families on a regular basis, and you likewise probably also serve the faculty. You may even sponsor a school event or fundraiser. You contribute to your community’s culture in your own way, deliberately or not, but your contribution can be far more deliberate, and have significantly more impact, than you likely realize.

At Got Core Values℠, we build positive, empowering cultures at schools, because we believe children are the most important investment we make in the future. We do this by surveying teachers, students, their families, administrators, support staff and community members like yourself regarding their core values. Then, we facilitate the wordsmithing process to distill the responses into core values that all members of the community agree upon. Then, it’s just a matter of living those values: because everyone agrees, “This is how we do things here,” accountability establishes itself from within, and the students and teachers strive towards greatness.

Connecting with community partners is an integral part of our process because the culture of a school doesn’t end at the schoolyard gates. It extends into a community as students study at coffee shops and spend their weekend evenings in diners, their parents shopping at grocery stores and patronizing all manners of local business. By collaborating and supporting your particular school community, you create genuinely happy and productive places to work and learn.

By creating supportive, productive, and safe atmospheres for budding students, you empower them to grow into a potential they’re just beginning to realize, their strengths and passions nurtured by teachers likewise empowered.

When children have the support of their families, their peers, their teachers, and their local coffee shop, and their movie theater, and their grocery clerks, and any other member of a community, they can do anything. All it takes is some support. And with that support, that adoption of a culture of love and excellence, then they too can go forth into the world and take their passions far beyond their classroom walls, ultimately becoming more productive members of the community at large.

We promote this culture, this way of life- and it starts in our schools. Getting children to change their perspectives from “I have to got to school today,” to “I get to go to school today,” affects far more than just children. The effects find their way into our families, our companies, and our communities. All are empowered in their own contribution to the formation of the culture, and all reap the long-term benefits of focusing and supporting the future of the community.

Are you a community partner or do you know a community partner that would be interested in developing core values? Contact us here!