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Habits of Culture

Core Values In The Time Of Common Core

 ~ Contributing Author: Dr. Stacie Herrera ~ Our education system is in the middle of a curricular shake-up! Schools are being pressed to implement new standards, testing, textbooks, and technology. With this level of change, teachers, parents and students feel… Read More

“Happy Wishing” Blog Contest

What do you wish school was like? We’d love to hear from you, the students…so imagine if… You’re having a serious case of the Mondays. Both of your best friends are out sick, Ms. Miller had a pop quiz, and… Read More

A Day Inside Got Core Values

Hi, my name is Hunter and my mom founded Got Core Values. What I think Got Core Values is about is a company that has a goal to empower kids to be happy to go to school every day.  I… Read More

Culture by example

Imagine three Retired Army Veterans with a passion for making a difference who have chosen to spend their retirement as full-time teachers and leaders within their school community. With forty-four kids to a classroom, the idea of building a cohesive… Read More

Creating a Positive Culture…On Purpose

Maybe you’re a skeptic. No one would hold it against you in this day and age, and maybe all this stuff about “building culture” sounds like some lofty, progressive ideal without any real weight behind it. The research behind the… Read More

So why is culture in schools so important?

Well, why is culture so important? It’s important because it defines character, and sets standards and expectations for behavior. If our kids are spending a third of their waking lives in a space devoid of culture- or even worse, in… Read More

Welcome to Got Core Values℠!

Jumping Kids

Hello, and welcome to Got Core Values℠! We believe in education, though we’re concerned that somewhere along the road, the only valuable signpost of educational success became a standardized test score. We’re here to revitalize that. We embrace the intuitive… Read More